Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation

9sense is, at its heart, a Satanic talk show in a podcast format. Sure, we talk about Satanism, but that's just the beginning; 9sense crystalizes what it means to be a Satanist in our modern world. With original guests, inspiring commentary and exciting entertainment, 9sense has been defining the Greater Satanic Conversation since XLVI A.S. (2011 Common Era).

Weekly Show Notes

  • 1. Militant Eroticism - Episode 17 - You Lied About My Foreskin
    2. Agent Provocateur - Episode 17 - Darren Deicide's 3-Point Program to Stop Terrorism
    3. Creature Feature - Morgan O'Shaughnessey, Violist Interview.

9sense Episode Archive


“This is an outstanding podcast from a Satanic perspective. I have been listening for around a year now and I always look forward to next week's episode...”

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