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9sense is a weekly podcast. As you can expect, this leads to a large collection of episodes. Because of this, I have seperated every year of episode's show notes to its own page. Select the year above for a list of that year's episode's show notes.

Are past episodes still available?
Yes. You can view previous year's episodes by selecting the year above, and click the episodes date/title.

Year L A.S. Episodes:

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - What is Satanic?
    2. Agent Provocateur - Episode 20 - Before the Hiatus at the Crossroads of Civilizations?
    3. Militant eroticism - Episode 20 - The Most Generous Person in the World.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Get A Life
    2. Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig - Episode 6 - Defining Religion
    3. Old Nick's Peep Show - Episode 16 - Details & Audience Growth.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - A Satanic View of Terrorism
    2. Infernal Informant - White House to Convene Summit on Violent Extremism & Fourth graders at NY school plotted to kill teacher with hand sanitizer, report says
    3. Reading from Underworld Amusements - A Spider and A Fly
    4. Down to the Crossroads - Episode 30 - Signifyin'.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - The Ninth Satanic Sin
    2. I Dream of Jessie - Episode 21 - Behavior & Identity
    3. Creature Feature - Marilyn Mansfield's Goo Goo Gaga Nursery & Unborn Creations Interview.