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9sense is a weekly podcast. As you can expect, this leads to a large collection of episodes. Because of this, I have seperated every year of episode's show notes to its own page. Select the year above for a list of that year's episode's show notes.

Are past episodes still available?
Yes. You can view previous year's episodes by selecting the year above, and click the episodes date/title.

Year L A.S. Episodes:

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Iron Youth
    2. Infernal Informant - Student Sues College After Failing Course... Twice & Across U.S., knife laws can differ by state, city, even town
    3. Down to the Crossroads - Episode 33 - Everyday I Have the Blues
    4. Creature Feature - 'Something Different' with Heather Height

  • Church of Satan Year 50 - Reverend Campbell sits down with the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Magus Peter H. Gilmore for a thorough discussion about the Church of Satan's 50 years. Magus Gilmore details the initial impact of the church, it's efforts in disseminating it's message, the diversity of it's members, the Church of Satan's past celebrations and what he sees in it's future. This is a very special look into the Church of Satan that you will not want to miss.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation
    2. Between the Horns - Episode 3 - Empathy from the Devil
    3. I Dream of Jessie - Episode 25 - Overwhelmed

  • Walpurgisnacht L A.S. - Your host Jessie sits down with Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestss of the Church of Satan, Witch Zaftig of Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig, and Erin Cassavaugh from Down to the Crossroads for an intimate and informative conversation about The Satanic Witch. They discuss the relevancy of The Satanic Witch today, fashion, decorating even forward men. Tune in and learn just what it means to be a Satanic Witch from four of the wickedest on the block.

  • 1. Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig - Episode 9 - Medieval Jewish Magic
    2. Agent Provocateur - Episode 21 - We Got Some Catching Up To Do!
    3. Militant Eroticism - Episode 23 - Outrageous Claims from a Dull Mind & Contest Winner Announced!
    3. Old Nick's Peep Show - Episode 19 - Photo Submission Suggestions.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - The Sixth Satanic Sin
    2. Infernal Informant - 30 Frats Shut Down In The Past Month As Colleges Respond To Misconduct More Aggressively & Quadriplegic man found 4 days after mom left him in woods, police say
    3. Creature Feature - The Boxtrolls Review.

  • 1. 9sense Letters - Has Satanism impacted the way you raise your kids?
    2. Infernal Informant - California judge orders state to provide sex change surgery for prisoner & Satanic Reverses: Religious Exceptions Are a Real Win for Devil Worshippers
    3. I Dream of Jessie - Episode 24 - Confrontations
    4. Creature Feature - Militant Eroticism Contest Announcement.

  • 1. Reverend Campbell addresses listeners social network requests
    2. Creature Feature - Horns Review
    3. Between the Horns - Episode 2 - Nose Bubbles and Rado Echoes.

  • 1. Militant Eroticism - Episode 22 - I'm Not as Gay as You Think, You're Not as Straight as You Tell Me
    2. Infernal Informant - Father says seven children who died in NYC fire were 'so pure' & Supreme Court to Take Up Case of Confederate Flag License Plates.

  • 1. 9sense Letters - Witnessing Physical Abuse and the Eleventh Satanic Rule of the Earth.
    2. Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig - Episode 8 - What is "Western Wsotericism"?
    3. Bazaar of the Bizarre - Wildly inappropriate advice from father to son.
    4. Old Nick's Peeep Show - Episode 18 - The Satanic Warlock, Vaping and Reviews.

  • 1. 9sense Letters - Magically Blinded, err Minded
    2. Down to the Crossroads - Episode 32 - One Man's Love Song Is Another Man's Blues
    3. Creature Feature - Darren Deicide's Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions Contest Winner.

  • 1. 9sense Letters - Relationships with those who are not Satanist's.
    2. I Dream of Jessie - Episode 23 - Your Worst Enemy
    3. Between the Horns - Episode 1 - On the Definition of Satanism.

  • 1. 9sense Letters - Should people who hold religious beliefs be allowed to vote?
    2. Infernal Informant - Giuliani breaks a taboo & Authorities regain control of Texas prison from inmates
    3. Militant Eroticism - Episode 21 - Transgenderism: The Full Frontal Lobotomy.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Offering Soul is Not a Supreme Sacrifice!
    2. Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig - Episode 7 - Is Atheism a Religion?
    3. Old Nick's Peep Show - Episode 17 - Fetishes.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Two Wrongs Make a Right
    2. Down to the Crossroads - Episode 31 - Men are Like Street Cars: If You Don't Give Me What I Want (I'll Get it Somewheres Else)
    3. Creature Feature - Darren Deicide's Back from the Dead - The Harsimus Sessions.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Point Five of Pentagonal Revisionism
    2. Infernal Informant - After finding a loaded gun in mother's purse, Arizona toddler shoots both parents & California Is Raising The Legal Smoking Age From 18 To 21
    3. I Dream of Jessie - Episode 22 - Big Shot.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - What is Satanic?
    2. Agent Provocateur - Episode 20 - Before the Hiatus at the Crossroads of Civilizations?
    3. Militant eroticism - Episode 20 - The Most Generous Person in the World.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - Get A Life
    2. Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig - Episode 6 - Defining Religion
    3. Old Nick's Peep Show - Episode 16 - Details & Audience Growth.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - A Satanic View of Terrorism
    2. Infernal Informant - White House to Convene Summit on Violent Extremism & Fourth graders at NY school plotted to kill teacher with hand sanitizer, report says
    3. Reading from Underworld Amusements - A Spider and A Fly
    4. Down to the Crossroads - Episode 30 - Signifyin'.

  • 1. The Devil's Advocate - The Ninth Satanic Sin
    2. I Dream of Jessie - Episode 21 - Behavior & Identity
    3. Creature Feature - Marilyn Mansfield's Goo Goo Gaga Nursery & Unborn Creations Interview.