Year XLVI A.S. Guest Archive

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9sense talks with many different types of people, and listeners may have missed past guests, or may want to learn more about the guests on the show. You will be able to find a complete list of this year's guests and how to find them on the web, listed below. You can view the previous year's guests by selecting a year above.

How do you choose your guests?
I reach out to potential guests that I feel hold power in ability or expression. When I find a piece of media, be it a piece of art, literature, film, etc, that exeplifies talent, I try to get that artist on the show to talk about that piece. I also take reccommendations, send an email to, and I will reach out to them.

Do you offer just the interviews?
Yes. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for 9sense Interviews found here. Every month, I deliver a complete interview from a past show.

Year XLVI A.S. Guests:

  • Sam, Derek and Adam - Homebrew Roundtable
    13 November, XLVI A.S.