How Podcasting Works

How does podcasting work? In this article I’m going to try to give you an overview of how podcasting works. More specifically, I’m going to focus on what podcasting is and how it goes from a simple idea to being a traffic generation tool.

Podcasting is a first and foremost a form of learning content. It is possible to make it a pure entertainment product however, unless you are selling entertainment that isn’t going to help you. So for the information marketer a podcast is a form of learning content. And like any learning content it follows a particular process.

The process begins with the identification of an audience. Who is going to buy the product line? Who is going to want to learn what is being taught?

The next task is to determine what motivates your audience. What are their immediate problems? What are they worried about?

Once you have a motivator you need to provide a solution. How can your product solve their problems? How can your topic help them achieve their goals or avoid their concerns?

Of course a solution by itself is very difficult to learn and to teach. So you need to turn it into a system which can be followed easily. It needs to be simplified into a set of steps that anyone can follow.

You now have a solution which can be packaged and sold. But there are many ways to package it. In fact to make a profit you’re going to need to create various packages of your solution. Some will be entry level products. Some will be high value products and some will be free products. Some will even be used for marketing.

Podcasting is one of these latter products.

Once you’ve determined that podcasting is one of the tools you are going to use to market your product line, you need to start creating the actual podcasts.

Like any audio learning content the process for creating a podcast starts with an outline. Unlike most of the audio learning content products you are going to need, podcasts are a repeating product. You’re going to need a new one each week. And each podcast may actually consist of several smaller segments each of which can be produced independently.

In theory, you should be structurally editing and then converting your outline into a script. However, generally, podcast segments are too small and simple to justify this effort.

The next task instead is to record the podcast. This may take several attempts which effectively fulfill the same purpose as a formal edit.

The podcast is uploaded to either your own site or to a podcasting site. If you use your own site you will need to drive traffic to the podcast.

At the end of each week, the podcast is cycle repeats and a new podcast is uploaded to replace the previous podcast. Frequently a podcasting service is used for the current podcast and an archive of prior podcasts is maintained on the producer’s site.

Traffic is driven to the podcasting service — or your site — and audience members select the podcasts they wish to listen to. They then download those podcasts to their own computers. From there they listen to them on the computer, copy them to CD or copy them to their MP3 players.

Typically podcasts are squeezed into other activities. This is why they need to be entertaining and a fairly light examination of their topic.

The concept is that the audience will enjoy the podcast so much that they will visit the producer’s site to obtain past podcasts and other available information. This is why the producer’s website needs to be featured prominently in the podcast.

5 Key Milestones to Successful Business Podcasting

Entrepreneurs are frequently upon the lookout for brand new powerful approaches to sell their brands, and podcasting may be certainly considered one among them. Increasingly famous withinside the latest decade, podcasts have emerge as appealing to a incredible wide variety of corporations doing enterprise online. If you are inclined to

improve to a brand new degree of verbal exchange with our target target market, growth outreach and gather dependable clients, podcasting is the proper choice in your enterprise.

The wide variety of lively podcast listeners is developing 12 months through 12 months. In the United States only, the podcast target target market is predicted to attain fifty seven million human beings through the give up of 2016, growing through 75% on the grounds that 2013. This may be in comparison to some of month-to-month lively customers of a big social network, like Twitter. A new take a look at has proven that almost 65% of podcast listeners are probably to shop for a product after listening to a call-to-action. All this makes podcasting a truely clever funding for enterprise. The following five milestones will assist you to get began out together along with your enterprise podcast and make it a success.

Define your podcast format

At the preliminary stage, you want to map the whole thing out: what’s going to be the format, the duration, and the consistency of your podcast? It can encompass numerous varieties of content material, inclusive of solo, interview, co-host, and video podcast (vidcast). For higher effect, you must blend one of a kind content material that corresponds with the subject. Recommended podcast duration isn’t always extra than 60 minutes, on the grounds that extra statistics may be tough to memorize. Create a listing of five-6 key subjects and cut up them into some episodes. This will assist to maintain your target target market excited and encourage them to go to your podcast once more whilst the subsequent episode is going live.

Get sound recording device

Although podcasting is not generally too expensive, it nevertheless calls for a few voice recording device and software. What’s truely incredible is that you could get began out even together along with your smartphone, which has a integrated microphone, and unfastened sound modifying apps. As a beginner, you may want to check the waters in podcasting earlier than growing your spending. Moving forward, it is advocated to buy a expert microphone and mixer – exact excellent must be your pinnacle priority!

Start your first recording

Before beginning the primary recording, revise the textual content you may want to say. Don’t fear an excessive amount of approximately doing the show. Be assured that your target target market is aware of what to expect. Speak slowly and certainly and do not panic in case you make a mistake. Even specialists can get confused from time to time. Once the recording is ready, pay attention to it numerous instances to make certain that not anything turned into missed.

Publishing to podcast web website hosting systems

To maximize target target market outreach, make certain to submit your content material to at the least one of the maximum famous podcast web website hosting systems like SoundCloud, iTunes,, Amazon S3,, Podomatic, PodBean, Buzzsprout. Sometimes, locating the proper web website hosting platform for podcasting may be a complex task. The desire may also rely upon the target target market size, functionality, ease of use, and pricing. Since podcasting systems deal with web website hosting your content material, you do not want to shop for huge garage in your internet site to be able to make it to be had online. Popular podcast web website hosting systems have masses of hundreds of month-to-month lively customers, so you may simply discover the target target market so one can be inquisitive about your content material. Some podcasting web sites even permit recording and modifying audio online, therefore supporting to simplify and streamline the time-eating manner of modifying podcast audio at home.

Adding a podcast participant for your personal internet site

When you run a podcast approximately your enterprise, it is vital to feature it for your personal internet site as well, in order that clients who’re already acquainted together along with your logo can pay attention for your audio content material, and new internet site site visitors are prompted to spend extra time on it. This may be achieved with an embedded podcast participant. Don’t fear; you do not ought to be a technically-superior man or woman to feature a podcast for your internet site. In maximum cases, it is sufficient to honestly reproduction an embed code from a podcast web website hosting platform like SoundCloud (wherein you’ve got got already began out publishing) and paste it for your internet site proper wherein you need the podcast participant to reveal up. If your internet site makes use of a CMS like WordPress, you could set up one of the severa podcast plugins to be had and submit podcasts proper out of your internet site dashboard!

Podcasting Without Podcasting

The podosphere is a vibrant, interesting vicinity to be. It introduces you to humans all around the international, and due to the fact you pay attention their voices, you sense as aleven though you absolutely realize them. Podcasts offer a outstanding loose training in nearly any subject. They provide a therapy for the boredom of rush-hour site visitors and lengthy strains on the grocery store, and an opportunity to the bland, lowest-common-denominator programming afflicting business radio.

But generating a podcast takes a number of time. Not every body can podcast. Not every body should podcast. I actually have a horrible call for an audio environment. You would possibly have a voice like fingernails on a blackboard. But something your motive for now no longer generating your very own display, do not allow now no longer podcasting preserve you out of the podosphere. There are loads of podcasters who will supply you ‘airtime’ for the asking–and thanks for it.

Comments Are King

Comments are king withinside the international of podcasting. Podcasters like to pay attention from their listeners. Almost all podcasters need a verbal exchange, now no longer a monologue. They additionally want to preserve arising with thrilling content, display after display, and listener suggestions, questions, and feedback assist them do that.

Comments also are a super manner to set up your self as an expert. I’m now no longer speakme approximately posting commercials in your enterprise on podcast blogs, aleven though a few suggests on marketing do invite listeners to post promos and enterprise plans for evaluation. I’m speakme approximately becoming a member of withinside the verbal exchange the podcaster has started.

Even aleven though podcasters are greater comfortable and approachable than radio talk-display hosts, they nevertheless have an duty to make their suggests thrilling to their listeners. Everyone loves to pay attention ‘I assume your display is wonderful,’ however feedback like that do not absolutely serve you, the podcaster, or the opposite listeners.

First, locate podcasts which you love. Then reply to whatever which you have some thing beneficial to mention approximately. Did the host ask for suggestions on a way to use a service or product you are acquainted with? Can you upload new perception to the dialogue of a debatable topic? Do you’ve got got breaking information applicable to the listeners? Can you factor them to a resource? Are you burning to realize the solution to a query that got here to you at the same time as being attentive to the display?

You should, of course, constantly pick out your self via way of means of call and internet site while you go away feedback. If you may offer helpful, thrilling feedback and ask provocative questions over a length of time, each the podcasters and the listeners will take notice.

My maximum tremendous enjoyment as a commenter befell at the Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter podcast lower back in 2005. Heidi Miller had requested listeners to post their ‘two-second-statements’ (very brief elevator speeches). I despatched her mine (‘I flip specialists into authors’), and she or he pointed out it at the display for 8 minutes. I had a person name to inquire approximately paintings even earlier than I’d listened to the episode myself. You cannot pay for that form of exposure.